Thursday, September 24, 2009

something new

Wedding Dresses.  Is there really anything more beautiful than a blushing bride? Yes. The dress that she is in!  I love wedding dresses.  I wish I could have had multiples but really, there was no point and I wouldn't want to take multiple dresses on a plane to Mexico.  Eik.

I honestly believe there is a beauty to wedding gowns.  Designers always put such thought and such detail into every piece of fabric, crystal, lines, etc.  When I see a wedding gown it brings back memories of all the feelings and emotions I had when I got married.  I find myself falling in love all over again with my husband when I see wedding dresses.  Wedding gowns signify love, hope, joy and the belief that you will, from this moment on, be happy for the rest of your life. 


  1. Gorgeous!! I love them too and the funny thing is I didn't wear one when we got married...

    these are sensational!

  2. I want them all! This makes me want to get married again, ha!


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