Thursday, September 24, 2009

pumpkin time

I haven't been posting pictures in a while, which makes me sad, but no fear... I'm back!  I still see things everyday that I think are beautiful but ya know, masters degree, work, running, family... things really add up and get more important than pictures sometimes... Ya know?

I love this time of the year.  It was 59 degrees this morning in Texas (SHOCK).  Leaves are changing and I am itching to get my fall decorations out! I make myself wait till October though... I just can't bring myself to rush the holidays and seasons.  This goes for all holidays.

That being said - I WANT PUMPKINS! I love pumpkins.  Carving them, decorating with them, painting on them, having pumpkin bread around... all of it.  Love.Pumpkins.  They seem so happy to me.  I see a pumpkin and I instantly smile and they make me happy.  My favorite pumpkins, and the ones that I see true beauty in, are the rare and unique pumpkins.  If you go about 6 photos down you will see the ones that I mean.  These pumpkins that many people shy away from and think are "ugly" are asbolutely beautiful for me.  They are the black swans of pumpkins that people just disregard but I think they shake up any arrangment you are trying to make or allows you to get super creative with your pumpkin carvings.  I love them. They are gorgeous.

Fall is here people - Enjoy!

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