Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

something new

Wedding Dresses.  Is there really anything more beautiful than a blushing bride? Yes. The dress that she is in!  I love wedding dresses.  I wish I could have had multiples but really, there was no point and I wouldn't want to take multiple dresses on a plane to Mexico.  Eik.

I honestly believe there is a beauty to wedding gowns.  Designers always put such thought and such detail into every piece of fabric, crystal, lines, etc.  When I see a wedding gown it brings back memories of all the feelings and emotions I had when I got married.  I find myself falling in love all over again with my husband when I see wedding dresses.  Wedding gowns signify love, hope, joy and the belief that you will, from this moment on, be happy for the rest of your life. 

it's vegas, baby...

My husband and I were in Vegas last month for my birthday and I fell in complete love with the city.  I was so amazed by the size, style and people that were there.  I thought there was just such a high energy and beauty of Vegas that is was actually contagious.  You couldn't help but enjoy yourself, you couldn't help playing a penny slot at 7:30am just because you could, you couldn't help but become best friends with every person you saw.  Vegas is just so electric.  So up and running all the time.  It was fabulous.

pumpkin time

I haven't been posting pictures in a while, which makes me sad, but no fear... I'm back!  I still see things everyday that I think are beautiful but ya know, masters degree, work, running, family... things really add up and get more important than pictures sometimes... Ya know?

I love this time of the year.  It was 59 degrees this morning in Texas (SHOCK).  Leaves are changing and I am itching to get my fall decorations out! I make myself wait till October though... I just can't bring myself to rush the holidays and seasons.  This goes for all holidays.

That being said - I WANT PUMPKINS! I love pumpkins.  Carving them, decorating with them, painting on them, having pumpkin bread around... all of it.  Love.Pumpkins.  They seem so happy to me.  I see a pumpkin and I instantly smile and they make me happy.  My favorite pumpkins, and the ones that I see true beauty in, are the rare and unique pumpkins.  If you go about 6 photos down you will see the ones that I mean.  These pumpkins that many people shy away from and think are "ugly" are asbolutely beautiful for me.  They are the black swans of pumpkins that people just disregard but I think they shake up any arrangment you are trying to make or allows you to get super creative with your pumpkin carvings.  I love them. They are gorgeous.

Fall is here people - Enjoy!