Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Are rainbows not one of the most awe inspiring things you have ever seen? Driving to work the other morning there was a rainbow coming through the clouds and I have to admit, they never cease to completely amaze me with their beauty. How are the colors so bright? Where does the end go? How did God know I would love rainbows so much? They are just amazing to see - A miracle. There are so many different views and opinions on rainbows. In Greek mythology, the rainbow was considered to be a path made by a messenger, Iris, between Earth and Heaven. Indian mythology says rainbow is the bow of Kama, the God of love. After Noah's flood, the Bible relates that the rainbow gained meaning as the sign of God's promise that terrestrial life would never again be destroyed by flood (Genesis 9.13-15). Whatever your beliefs are, I am sure we can all agree that to see a rainbow is a wonderful and beautiful experience.

I saw this picture and fell 100% in love. Rainbow + My love for books = My own personal Heaven! I know what types of books to start looking for ;)

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  1. what a gorgeous rainbow collection! i love the book shot... I saw so many gorgeous rainbows in CO, and now I'm seeing tons here in Miami... they make me ridiculously happy like a little kid... :)


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