Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have always been very proud of my last name. I knew the importance of my family and being a part of them was always very special to me. When Bret and I decided to get married I was really hesitant about taking his last name as my own. It was not out of disrespect or not wanting to fully commit to Bret, I just didn't want to give up a name that had been mine that I had a large amount of pride in. After many conversations however I decided taking my married name was the right thing to do and I wanted to share that with my husband. I have been married for a little over a year now and I have enjoyed watching a new pride build within me for the letter "M." There is a certain beauty behind an "M" to me because I know feel that it is my letter. This is something I share with Bret that nobody can take away from us. It's our own little private club as husband and wife and I am finding that very inspiring. While I will always be proud of where I came from, I like knowing that with my new name I will build my own family and my own future with Bret.


  1. Hi, Katie, awwwe.... I love all your M's! so cute.

    I felt the same way when I got married back Boulder 2 1/2 years time flies...

    Although I was head over heels and ready to be a family unit, I felt very sad about changing my name... it was me, it was so personal, I'd had it for 33 years!!! Yet, I also wanted us to have the same last name, and was ready to do it.

    I am so glad I changed it! I agree--- special family name, special club, etc.. :)

    Glad you put this out there... more brides need to know about the mixed feelings with the name change, and how you need to do what is right for you...etc, yet how special sharing a family name is!

  2. i totally understand!!!!

    i had a very long beautiful italian last name and it had to change to a short asian name! but now i have come to "own it" and claim it as my own. Plus I like confusing parents on back to school night!



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