Thursday, April 2, 2009

longing for the beauty of Mexico...

With mines and Bret's first wedding anniversary quickly approaching (12 Days and counting!) I cannot help but long to be back in Mexico with all my friends and family. Bret and I had a fantastic destination wedding that I would not trade for the world. It is hard to imagine this time last year I was packing, planning and ready to hit the beach! Now, I find myself again this year wishing and wanting to be in Mexico again lounging by the pool or playing in the sand on the beach. So, in honor of Mexico I would like to share some of the beauty from the Iberostar Resort that Bret and I fell in love with so much. No wedding pictures here, just all the wonderful scenery I wish I was surrounded by again.

A view from the lobby - All the lobby's at the resort were surrounded by beautiful water gardens and large fountains. My biggest fear was slipping and falling in one!
The beautiful water that was perfect!

One of the many open air restaurants around the resort - This particular restaurant is where Bret and I had our Rehearsal Dinner

Gorgeous Sunrise on the Beach

And another...

A view of the room we called home for seven days

The pools at the resort were so beautiful and all interlocked

Iberostar did such a wonderful job making everything feel tropical

Peacocks! They were EVERYWHERE and so pretty to look at!

More wild life
One of the many lobbies at night

Another lobby...

And again...

And again. They were all open air and just so beautiful!

Hot Tub

Morning time on the beach - To the left is the bar and serving line for lunch

One of the many tropical walk ways - This is where we got dropped off to walk up to the Gazebo

I fell in love with how green and luscious everything was around the Resort

Our Wedding Gazebo

More beautiful flowers and trees

Fountains and Flamingos that surrounded one of the lobbies
Walking around the resort

The bridge calling you out to the beach

The remains of the old dock

Breakfast time in Mexico

Wishing I was here...

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