Thursday, June 11, 2009

longing for the high

I did not get to start visiting Colorado until my husband, Bret, and I started dating. In the two years we have been together I have been lucky enough to see Colorado twice thus far; once in the Summer, then again in the winter. Colorado is the most beautiful place on Earth. Do not get me wrong. I love Texas and I completely adore Texas but there is something about seeing mountains and feeling the presence of nature all around you that really makes you appreciate the beauty Colorado has to offer you. I am longing to be in Colorado right now desperately!
Enjoy a little bit of Pagosa Springs and Durango, Co.

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  1. Love these! I did not experience Colorado until March 2007, and then I moved there in May 2007 to marry my childhood sweetheart!!! My first year of marriage included adjusting from sea level in Miami to Boulder CO elevation, and spending each weekend seeing new beauty in CO.

    It is amazing... we miss it a lot since we are in Miami now, but plan to return. We have to, we have "important things" in storage in Boulder ;)...

    Colorado is really an amazing state of mind...


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